Update on my life

Everything in my life has changed recently. My youngest daughter got married. She is 22 years old so it is not surprising, but we have been working together for the past four years running the motel where I currently work. And to add to everything, she moved to Maryland last week.

So my next task was to get someone to run the motel with me. My boyfriend of over six years volunteered. So now we are living together and working together. The greatest thing is that we have the apartment upstairs also. I now live in the office and pay rent for it. I have resented it for years. And I never get to go home from work.

We have been fixing up and furnishing the upstairs apartment. We slept in it for the first time. But the greatest thing so far is that my granddaughter Ella got to come and visit me upstairs. She has allergies and can’t come in my regular apartment because I have five cats there. Ella and I played ball, she danced and snacked on the Edible Arrangement that I received for my birthday. It was so much fun.

IMG_0191 IMG_0190

Now I have to get to work preparing the rest of the place for a group that comes in for ten weeks in the summer. We are located at the beach so it is a really perfect spot.

I just wanted to update you all on my life at the moment. Hopefully things will continue to go well and I can be less stressed and just plain happy.

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