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I have been a fan of  Zebra Pens for many years now. I discovered them by chance while shopping for pens for the business I run. I have to do paperwork by hand everyday of the week and as I am getting older, it gets harder and harder to do.

I have some pain in my hands while writing and mostly use a computer and printer to get my messages across. But my job of 10 years requires my handwritten daily reports. And believe me, over a 10 year period, you get to try out a lot of different pens. And the Zebra F-301 has always been my favorite. I have recommended it to many people and it is the pen of choice for my boyfriend.

Now I have had the chance to review their new and improved pen, 301A. It is amazing. It writes like the F-301 with the fine tip and easy flow of the ink but it is much more attractive. It now has a fashionable metal barrel along with the non-slip grip. I still feel the quality and ease with this pen and may replace my F-301 with this new fashionable pen.



I personally only use retractable pens and this is the first one I go to all the time now. I keep them on the front desk and always carry one in my purse. I have never had a leakage problem like I have had with some others and it always writes first time, every time. It never smudges or streaks.



If you are looking for the perfect fine tipped pen, this 0.7mm one is the one for you. The pen is guaranteed to work and even has refills made especially for it. Now you can choose your choice of four different metallic colors with the 301A. And be sure to check out their gel pens, too.


I received pens to review and all opinions in this post are my own.