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J. W. Pets Dog Treat Toys
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I received three awesome dog treat toys from J. W. Pets. I removed them from the box to take pictures and both of my dogs had to get on the couch to see what I had. It was if they knew that these were for them.
Lady chose the treat pod toy first. She grabbed it from the couch and ran to her bed to chew on it. While it was still in the package. I couldn’t help but laugh.
I got the toy away from her and opened it. Then the struggle for ownership came into play. Both Lady and Minnie wanted it. And I hadn’t even added any treats.
  This treat pod is the favorite of both dogs.
Lady couldn’t even wait for me to take it off the cardboard.
Izzy played with it on top of Minnie. Strange dog.
Lady didn’t catch on to the treat ball as easily as the treat pods.
This lead to both fighting over the same toy.
Minnie held her own with our large dog, Lady.
The dogs loved the toys, especially the treat pod. It was very well constructed and held up to the abuse given by the two dogs. I love that the dogs had to figure out how to get to the food and that the plastic was strong enough to withstand Lady while she is cutting her teeth. Believe me, she chewed on the rubber a lot and I don’t even see any teeth marks or tears. These toys will last and last. I was just hoping to make it past the teething stage. We will definitely be getting more of the durable toys for my puppy.
Next will come the toys for my five cats. Yes, they have cat toys too.