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Amy and Brian Coconut Water Review and Giveaway

Amy and Brian Coconut Juice Giveaway
I am not the most adventurous type but I do get curious about things. I had the opportunity to try some unusual and tempting juices. I was sent cans of Amy and Brian’s Coconut Water and Mangosteen juices pictured above.Next I had to decide which one to start with.
Amy and Brian Coconut Juice is nutritious. I don’t usually look for the most nutritious but I do drink gatorade occasionally for the potassium. Image my surprise when I found out that coconut water has electrolytes and five times more potassium per liter than gatorade or powerade.
 Mangosteens are an Asian fruit known as the “Queen of Fruits”. They have a thick purple outer skin and a white sweet inside. The Mangosteen juices are all natural and are high in anti-oxidents. Anti-oxidents boost the immune system and lower cholesterol. Mangosteens are the primary juice in the Mangosteen juices. So with that knowledge in mind, I started tasting.
The small cans of Mangosteen were just the right size to start with. Passion fruit has high doses of vitamin A and C. Vitamin A helps the body to remove free radicals that cause skin and tissue damage, and it helps to improve our vision. Vitamin C helps to repair tissue, helps prevent heart disease and cancer and helps our bones. So I opened the Mangosteen with Passionfruit. It was the perfect blend and it was delicious! I gave it a thumbs up.
Next was the Mangosteen with Goji juice. Goji berries are also known as wolfberries. They come from a shrub and are native to China. They have compounds rich in vitamin A that may have anti-aging benefits. And aren’t we all looking for that?
I love pomegranate. My children love pomegranate. I was sure we would love this one. Pomegranate juice has vitamin C, B5, potassium and natural phenols. And they just taste good with their tart and sweet taste.

The Coconut Waters come with lime, with pulp or plain. Coconut water is the juice from a young coconut. It contains chemicals such as sugars, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, enzymes, amino acids, cytokine, and phyto-hormones. So grab a can of flavor, fun, and nutrition in a can of Amy and Brian’s all natural coconut juice and mangosteen. You will love it and your body will thank you.
So if you would like to try it, enter the giveaway below. Five winners will get a case of mixed Coconut Waters and Mangosteen (12 cans each case)
Enter today.

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