Safe Glow Dog Collar Review

Safe Glow Dog Collar by Dog Training Collars
I am amazed! I received the Safe Glow Dog Collar for review and I love it. The first night we had it, I was anxious to try it. I live at the beach and bay in San Diego and we just got a Doberman puppy named Lady Izzy. We are crazy about this dog.
Lady Izzy is a very social dog and we headed for the bay to start our walk. The collar was well constructed and fit her well. The materials are strong and the clasp is tight and closed easily. We turned it on and put it on the setting soft glow for a steady light. It was just getting dark. I loved the way it made her stand out.

In the evenings, most people in the area take their dogs out for a walk. We have a leash law here and our dogs are not allowed at the bay or beach after 9:00 am until 6:00 pm. So by the time 6:00 comes, we are all ready to let the dogs run and do their business.
It wasn’t quite dark when I met up with several other doggy mom’s and their dogs. The first thing they noticed was the collar. They loved it. All of them asked where I got it. I was very impressed and so were they. I could have sold several on the spot.
As the sun goes down and the evening darkens, the reflective light on this collar stands out even more. Lady is a black and brown Doberman with the black her dominate color. So the contrast is really amazing.
My dog is a very active puppy. She is kind of hard to handle and we are doing our best to train her. Her favorite thing to do is grab her leash and try to walk herself. Her next favorite thing is to roll in the grass. She is definitely giving the collar a workout. She is not interested in going in the water but since the collar isn’t completely waterproof, I wouldn’t let her go in anyway.
I let her run with her leash behind her in a field by our home. She runs really fast so it isn’t long before she is almost out of site. But the collar stands out and we can keep up with her. The ease of mind while she is wearing it is so worth it.
I was interested to learn more about the Safe Glow Dog Collar. I knew that it was well constructed and fit her nicely. It is made of wear resistance nylon. It has a strong clasp which stays closed so I don’t have to worry about it coming off. And it stands up to the rolling, shaking and running that she does. I like how well it lit up and found out that it has an LED light which uses a long life lithium battery which is easily available. LED collars are highly efficient and this helps the battery last even longer. The light has three settings: soft glow, slow flash, and fast flash. And it has a reflective stripe which adds passive reflectivity.
She is kind of an in between size but the medium fit her fine. The collar comes in sizes small, medium and large and has a retail price of $29.95.

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