Oransi Fridge Air Purifier Review and Giveaway

Oransi Fridge Air Purifier

Review and Giveaway


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I am a homemaker who always used an opened box of baking soda in my fridge and thought that was enough. I know that when I used this in my small apartment sized fridge, I was constantly spilling it, making more work for me. But now I have a small, compact purifier that is so silent that I have to look for the light on the front to know that it is working.

I was very skeptical when I put this into the fridge. Since my refrigerator is so small, any odor comes wafting towards me when the door is open. So to my amazement, I can actually tell the difference with the Oransi Fridge Air Purifier. I am not tasting the odors of the foods in other foods like I used to. It was so easy to use that I am sorry I waited so long to try one.

The Oransi Fridge Air Purifier is a lightweight freshener weighing only 0.2 lbs. It is only 4” x 2.8” x 2.5” in size. It is very easy to use and economical because there are no replacement filters and nothing to clean.  This air purifier uses 2 AA batteries that require replacement approximately every 45-90 days.  It also had a built-in micro processor that controls the operation of the air purifier so it will cycle on and off to save battery life.  And the neutral color and cool contemporary design fits right into my refrigerator without being a focal point.

This air purifier features their patented Piezo-electric technology your refrigerator is cleaned silently without the harmful side effects of ozone that is found in standard ionizers.

If you are tired of the odors affecting your foods that you store in your refrigerator, then you would definitely want to check this out. Visit Orsani today and order yours. And enter the giveaway below. These make great gifts too.



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I received an Oransi Fridge Air Purifier to review. All opinions and pictures are my own.

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