Newman’s Own Organic

Newman’s Own Organic

I have never thought myself an organic loving person. I was surprised at how good they can be. Newman’s Own Organic foods are in a class by themselves. They are flavorful and good to eat.

I received a collection of their products to try for myself. I was skeptical but plunged right in. I am putting their chocolates at the top of my list of candies that I recommend and eat. I loved the raspberry, caramel and peanut butter cups. Yum!!! They weren’t what I considered organic should taste like. They were rich in flavor and satisfied my sweet tooth.

My son loved the Ginger-O’s Cookies. He said that they tasted like gingerbread but with a little bite to them. He thought it was because the ingredients were natural. The Newman-O’s Creme Filled Chocolate Cookies were another favorite. They were crisp and tasty. I would have never associated them with what I considered “organic”. And the juicy dried fruits were amazing.

I am changing my opinion on organic. I love products that have ingredients I have heard of. I will try more of Newman’s Own Organic products and recommend them to everyone I know.





If you would like to try these, I am offering a giveaway with some of the chocolate products. Please enter below and try these products. You can find them in some local organic stores.

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I received products to review. All opinions and photos are my own.


40 thoughts on “Newman’s Own Organic

  1. I love Newman’s chocolates; in particular, the cups. They are so smooth and silky. The peanut butter one is definitely better than other brands I’ve tasted.

  2. They have so many products! It’s hard to decided just one you’d want to try! But I am for sure interested in the Carmel cup! YUM!

  3. I try to eat “healthier” chocolate, so I try to pick up things like Endangered Species from the natural section. I haven’t tried Newman’s chocolates yet, but I love their licorice and I’m sure I would love their chocolate!

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