My Youngest Daughter’s Wedding

My daughter Becca got married yesterday. She is no longer my baby Becca Neal but now Mrs. Andrew Bathgate. Becca Bathgate. It will take some getting used to.

Becca Neal Life with Norma Kay

She and my daughter Kari made all the arrangements. They worked so hard and it went off amazingly well. She looked so beautiful and I am so proud.

It was a long few days. I have gotten behind on everything else and have a lot of catching up to do. But on Monday, we tried to tie up all the loose ends. It wasn’t as hard as it sounds. Becca is very good at making lists and we got almost everything done.

Tuesday was even harder. We worked on the favors that we made and we tried to get anything done that would make the wedding day easier. Rehearsal was in the afternoon with rehearsal dinner after. I love the time that I got to spend with my three daughters and three grandchildren. I will miss it when it is all over with.

And then the wedding. Amazing. The ceremony was in a small cottage. Rose Creek Cottage. It was the perfect setting for this storybook wedding.



The reception followed at the recreation center by our home. Everyone of us had decorated for it and it was beautiful.

IMG_9091Life with Norma Kay


If you know my daughter, she is entirely her own person. From her graceful and elegant wedding dress to her cowgirl boots and pirate garter. Her music was from the game Zelda which in this case was appropriate because she met her husband online while playing games. I truly believe her wedding turned out the way she wanted it to and I encouraged her to do it her way.

Life with Norma Kay Becca's Wedding

Life with Norma Kay Wedding

She and Andrew are made for each other and this will most likely be the only wedding she has. Congratulations Becca and Andrew Bathgate. May your love grow everyday and your life together be filled with happiness.

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