I Hate Being Sick!!!

I was so proud of myself for staying well while reading all the posts by other people who are sick. And then it happened! I am so sick. Just the coughing and sneezing but feeling really BLAH. Yuck.

I was lucky enough to get to stay in bed today. Becca worked, Jake cleaned, walked the dog and I slept when I could. I really needed it. I went through a migraine on top of it all and got past that. And now I am finally feeling better. The shower helped a lot.

So tomorrow I will get up and start getting caught up. I feel like I have been so far behind since my trip in October. With my daughter visiting, the holidays and traveling again, I still haven’t completely unpacked from the first one. Can’t find my boots! Darn!

Laundry, cleaning, and organizing a lot will be where I start. I could do it tonight but another night of nothing will help, I believe. Sitting here watching Cupcake Wars, my two dogs and five cats calm and content around me, and with my belly full I write this post. I love having the opportunity to express myself with words. I keep practicing and loving the format. Someday, I hope to be really good at it.

Having made the move to this site I have a lot of work to do. With the support of all my friends and family, I will be a success. So this is it. My future. I will make it.

12 thoughts on “I Hate Being Sick!!!

  1. This winter has been ridiculous with all the sickness going around. My kids have had one thing after another… It’s driving me insane! I hope you get feeling better soon!

  2. I am sorry your sick too! I too was happy that I and my family where so well while reading about all the sick people around us. I felt so badly for them but felt so lucky for us. I thought such things too soon, I should have waited to be happy till April! Here we are sick too now…. not fun.

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