I am BACK!!!! The holidays have passed and the time I spent with family is priceless. Jake and I love to travel and managed to sneak a little time away for ourselves. This is the last Christmas my daughter will spend while living in San Diego.

My youngest, Becca, is getting married in March and moving to Maryland with her new husband shortly thereafter. I am happy and sad about it. I love all my children but I am also proud of them all. They are moving on with their lives and deciding their own futures. That is what all parents want for their children, happy and healthy lives. Since this was her last Christmas as my baby at home, I had a special gift made for her and I have to share it with all of you. Our friend Shannon is a wonderful seamstress and made an apron for Becca. We used the barter system to achieve this. I made her several of my crocheted slouch hats and she made the apron. She even added trim to match to several kitchen towels and hot pads. They were awesome. What you have to understand is my daughter’s taste. She is her own person. So I picked out a fabric to suit her. I just have to share it.

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