Healthier Homestead Egg Wipes

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I am happy to have the opportunity to review plant-based Healthier Homestead Egg Wipes. They come in the convenience of a pop up container for ease of use. These soft biodegradable wet wipes are designed for cleaning eggs from the coop. Since I don’t have chickens, I am using these for everything in the kitchen. I absolutely love fresh vegetables. So I am using them to carefully and easily clean my vegetables and fruits from the farmer’s market. I never really thought about the hands that had touched the produce along with the dirt. Or even where ever they were grown and picked.  Now I feel good about the natural taste of the food coming through.  One wipe will clean all my purchases from my weekly fresh shopping.

Since they were designed for gently cleaning the eggs of soils after the chicken lays the eggs, I thought I would tell you how to use them for this purpose.  One cloth cleans up to a dozen eggs depending on the soil level. Just wipe the egg with the soft biodegradable pop-up cloth and dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. You can then store cleaned eggs in the refrigerator. For even more “green”, used cloths can be tossed in your compost bin.

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17 thoughts on “Healthier Homestead Egg Wipes

  1. I just recently started using these wipes and love them! We get fresh eggs from free roam chickens and I try not to think about where they were found (eek!) so I just wipe them off and cook! Love how easy they are to use!

  2. These work great for those farm fresh eggs! The eggs we get are from chickens that get to roam so who knows where the person found them! It is nice to be able to clean them off!

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