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Patch games are a part of my childhood. Some of these games have been around a long time but are timeless. I am happy to be reviewing one of these fun games.


Dice games have always been my favorite. That is why I chose Shizzle to review. Game night will never be the same. Shizzle is for ages 8 and up. This is perfect for my family. My adult children like to get together to play games and the laughing and bonding that goes on is great.

Shizzle is a game that uses six dice. Each die has its own combination of colors and dots. The dice are thrown and then lined up for points. You want to match colors or dots in the row to get points. Getting six in a row gives you the Shizzle that you are looking for. You add up points. There is a bank in the middle that has the chips used for the points. The round ones are worth one and the square ones are worth five.



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The directions are easy to follow so join in and have fun with your friends and family. For a chance to win your own Shizzle game, enter my rafflecopter below.

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I received a game to review. All opinions and pictures are my own.

19 thoughts on “Patch Games Holiday Gift Hop

  1. My teens like to play games. Whenever we go on a family trip we usually end up playing Scattergories, Password, or some other board game.

  2. I love playing games with my kids. We have quite a few games and have been trying to play them a couple of times a week. I also love playing games with my parents and extended family. Nothing beats having all my relatives gathered around a table playing a really fun game!

  3. I will basically trying to get anyone I know to play games with me. Thankfully both my husband and son enjoy playing games too so we have a regular game night even when no one else is around.

  4. I love playing games with my boyfriend, my mom & my sister! It’s very rare that we all play games together but when it does happen it’s amazing! I usually just play games with my boyfriend like Scrabble, Sorry and Rummy. But I love games of all kinds.

  5. I love playing games with my family as well. We play Scrabble and other board games every Thanksgiving and Christmas or any time we all get together and have our family dinner!

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