Starting A New Venture The Thirty-One Way

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I am starting out as a new Thirty-One consultant. I have always liked organizing my crafts and these bags help me take what I want where ever I go.
Becoming a hostess and having a party will earn you free gifts and savings opportunities. I love the idea of online parties where people can attend at their on leisure. What other party can you attend in your pajamas? Or without make-up. We like to be comfortable.
But if you like to entertain, this is a perfect opportunity to host at your place. Women sometimes just need a place to go to get away from home for a little while. It always gives you a better outlook and energy to do what needs to be done.
Check out my homepage for Thirty-One Gifts. Browse through the online catalog. It couldn’t be easier. And HAVE FUN.



Everyone loves an outdoor event with the sun shining and gorgeous weather. San Diego is known for the weather and it is easy to find some activity almost every weekend that is worth attending.

Old Town San Diego is the birthplace of California. In 1769, Gaspar de Portola and Junipero Serra founded the San Diego Presidio and Mission San Diego de Alcala. There were the first Spanish settlements in Alta California which is now the state of California. In the 1820’s, San Diego started at the base of the bluff now known as Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. In 1834, the Mexican government granted San Diego a chartered town but in 1838, that status was revoked. The area was too far from water needed for importing and exporting goods. California was admitted to the United States in 1850 even though it had a small population of around 650 people.  But Old Town still remained the heart of the city until development of the downtown San Diego area.

Today Old Town is a tourist area with hotels, restaurants, gift shops, and events that bring people from everywhere to visit and enjoy the flavor of the past combined with the present.

I attended an event called the TwainFest. This free and family friendly event took place August 18. This event celebrates the writings of Mark Twain. There were games for the children such as sack racing and flipping “frogs” in different booths. The booths were all a tribute to the Mark Twain writings that we grew up with.





I was fascinated with the large puppets that roamed the area. And there were even horse-drawn rides that absolutely terrified my Doberman puppy. She barked every time they circled the square where most of this event took place. I was busy taking photos with my new Nikon camera so I was wandering around watching the happy children and families. The historic costumes were a great addition to the overall atmosphere.




One of the highlights to my visit was a narrator to one of the books that Mark Twain wrote. This “actor” read this book at a podium with a crowd of people who stared in amazement at the inflections and entertainment of this reader. His voice carried well and the audience laughed out loud while listening intently.


I hope you enjoy my pictures and a glimpse into the area and history of the region. There is so much to do in San Diego and I would love to share this with you, my readers.





Almost Paradise

I have the unexpected privilege to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. After my divorce, this is where I ended up. Not only is it beautiful but the powers-to-be managed to enhance that beauty with attractions drawing people from all over the world. And this is my backyard!

IMG_2591 IMG_2024IMG_2790

I have purchased passes to the San Diego Zoo and to Sea World San Diego. Living this close to these attractions I find that with my busy schedule, this suits my needs and availability.

With my new Nikon camera and iPhone 5, taking pictures everywhere is my passion. I have published a few pictures of the animals at the zoo and I really hope you will enjoy this selection.

Let me introduce you to my playground.

I will start with the beauty of the beach and bay. It is literally a block in both directions to view this magnificent area. Managing a motel and living in it is a daunting task. The peace and beauty are a short walk away. I leave all my anger, pain, aggravation and business behind. I head out to the grassy area at the bay where we walk our dogs Izzy and Minnie daily. The weather here is usually mild but we do get the coastal eddy frequently. This leaves the sky with the overcast clouds and the look of rain. But this burns off quickly so we can enjoy the wonder. Look at the lovely blue skies with me. I never get tired of this sight.

IMG_8266 IMG_9237

A quick visit to the famous San Diego Zoo is next on my list. Renowned for its Panda breeding program, thousands of people line up to see these magnificent teddy bear like animals. They look so cuddly that everyone oohs and aahs over them. Feeding time is a special time at the zoo. The pandas eat eucalyptus branches and they are grown all over the park. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! And elephants, giraffes, and meerkats.

PicMonkey Collage

And across the bay we can see Sea World San Diego. In the summer, the fireworks glow over the bay and the park is so much fun.

PicMonkey Collage 2

This is a preview of the beautiful “almost paradise” that I love. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.


Another Day at the San Diego Zoo

I am crazy about taking pictures. I love my new camera. Wow, what more can I say.

This is the second installment of my pictures from the zoo. I got to play with my lens and learn just want I can do with them. I used the macro for the first time as you will see in my picture of a flower. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them.


PicMonkey Collage watermarked


More to come. Stay tuned.

San Diego Zoo

I love the zoo. I live very close to the zoo and have a year round pass. I don’t go enough but I absolutely love to go. I was anxious to take pictures of the animals with my new camera. And I told you that I would share them. So here goes.

Introducing flamingoes

I took these pictures of the nests, eggs and babies. They were so interesting. I love my camera!!!!

PicMonkey Collage watermarked 2

So next, I will add a different animal (maybe more). See you then!!!

My Nikon D3200 Journey


I have used the name Journeykat for quite a few years and I am fulfilling my ambitions to journey into this beautiful world. I have been able to travel and share some of my adventures.  And now I am lucky enough to be able to purchase a new camera. I have always loved photography but never owned my own “real” camera with lens. I bought the Nikon D3200. It is amazing!


I am starting out learning all about the camera. It is great what one can find on YouTube. I got instructions on setting it up and a brief but informative course on the use of each button. I am quite a rookie but everyone starts at the beginning. I am so happy.

I will now make it a point to blog about my adventures behind this beautiful lens. I have a love of beautiful pictures and will add my new ones to my future posts.


Update on my life

Everything in my life has changed recently. My youngest daughter got married. She is 22 years old so it is not surprising, but we have been working together for the past four years running the motel where I currently work. And to add to everything, she moved to Maryland last week.

So my next task was to get someone to run the motel with me. My boyfriend of over six years volunteered. So now we are living together and working together. The greatest thing is that we have the apartment upstairs also. I now live in the office and pay rent for it. I have resented it for years. And I never get to go home from work.

We have been fixing up and furnishing the upstairs apartment. We slept in it for the first time. But the greatest thing so far is that my granddaughter Ella got to come and visit me upstairs. She has allergies and can’t come in my regular apartment because I have five cats there. Ella and I played ball, she danced and snacked on the Edible Arrangement that I received for my birthday. It was so much fun.

IMG_0191 IMG_0190

Now I have to get to work preparing the rest of the place for a group that comes in for ten weeks in the summer. We are located at the beach so it is a really perfect spot.

I just wanted to update you all on my life at the moment. Hopefully things will continue to go well and I can be less stressed and just plain happy.