Riverwalk Landing. Yorktown, Virginia

 Riverwalk Landing, Yorktown Virginia
July 14, 2012

Saturday we went to the beach. It was a beach in beautiful historical Yorktown, Virginia. It is my first visit to Virginia and I wanted to take in the sights and atmosphere of the area.

We started out our day to a little thunder. We debated on going because it was sprinkling. But the baby, John, had never been to the beach. So we checked it out.

Going anywhere with seven children aged 15 down to age 1 is an ordeal. We had prepared a picnic lunch and brought sand toys. After what seemed forever to load the car, we took off on our adventure.

I was surprised at the beauty of this area. Everything is so clean and neat. The landscape is a big change from my home in San Diego California. Both are beautiful but the green that you see here is not like the green at home. I love the lushness of the trees here. Deer can sometimes be seen grazing on the sides of the road. I am still in awe every time I see them. Nature is amazing.

We unloaded at the beach with the children very anxious to enter the water. The younger children had no fear. The baby was pleased to cool off in the water. 

  Riverwalk Landing was small but pretty.

They was even a schooner in the bay. The colonial theme was evident everywhere.

Other people had the same idea of cooling off here. The children had no problems finding new friends.

But my biggest joy was seeing baby John playing in the sand. I didn’t like seeing him eat the shells and sand of course but he IS a baby. 

The day grew darker with lightening appearing in the sky so we decided to head for home. (But not until after two of us were stung by jellyfish).

It was a great outing for the family. The sun, sand, water, jellyfish, lightning, and everything played a part in making this a very memorable day. I loved it.