I DO Believe in Mermaids!


I Do Believe In Mermaids!!!

Suntail Mermaid Tails

Mermaid tails are the best way for your child to become the mermaid that she dreams of.


   Nothing is better than a child’s imagination. I have always been in awe of their ability to believe. As parents and grandparents we encourage our children’s imaginations. We tell them over and over that they can be anything they want to be. Companies like understand the need for products to teach our kids and encourage parents to keep their childish beliefs alive. Their motto is “Swimming in Imagination”.

When my granddaughter Hailey told me that she was having an eighth birthday party with the theme Mermaids, I knew this was an opportunity that we wouldn’t normally have. I was lucky enough to be chosen.

The delight on her face when she opened it made it all worthwhile The instructions were easy to understand and made it a positive experience. Suntail Mermaid Tails knows that the littlest detail can make the difference between happiness and disappointment.

The instructions were very clear and easy.

There are several safety features on these mermaid tails

  1. Suntails have an open bottom for easy and fast access to legs and feet making it easier to use. The tails are made of high quality swimsuit fabric with 4-way stretch.
  2. Suntail monofins do not have any straps that close around the ankles so that they can be easily tugged or kicked off.
  3. Suntail mermaid tails are made of regular swimsuit fabric, water flows through easily and the tails do not bog you down.
  4. Use under adult supervision. Every effort was make to make these tails safe but an adult within close range is still the best idea.

Sun Tail Mermaid’s monofins are extremely comfortable while being virtually unbreakable. Their patented monofin is comfortable and functional. They provide propulsion and control. The monofins come in a wide range of beautiful colors.

Just seeing the smile on her face tells me that her fantasies can come true. I will still encourage her to be everything she can be. But a mermaid today is a dream come true.

Now that you have seen what this product can do, you must check it out. There are also products for boys and girls and accessories to match.

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I received this product to review. No money was exchanged. Photos are my property.







As a mother and grandmother, I am always looking for great gifts for the boys. For me, they are always harder to buy for than the girls. The opportunity to review this ball was perfect for me. I was able to get a wonderful personalized gift for my grandson’s birthday.

The Make-a-Ball website has all the tools you need to design a ball for yourself. They have footballs, soccer balls, Continue reading

Introducing my newest grandson, Dylan Benjamin James Davis

grandson grandson

I am so happy to introduce my newest grandson. This is my twelfth grandchild and I am as proud of the first one as I am the last one. I am one lucky Nonie. I never thought that my life would be so full of love and wonderment. I love them all.

I am currently in Idaho hopefully helping my daughter with her three year old Hailey. She is so much fun and so full of life. I definitely feel my age when I am around her. I live in San Diego and believe it or not, it is really cold here!!! LOL. Anyway, it is taking me some adjusting. I am hoping that these two weeks will be as memorable for my granddaughter and daughter as it is for me. I just want to give my daughter the time she needs to bond with Dylan. And to rest whenever possible.

I am happy to be able to spend time with my grandchildren and be able to see my grandson while he is so young. They change so fast. He won’t look the same at all when they come to San Diego for my daughter Becca’s wedding in March.

So my next few posts will be from here. Middleton, Idaho. Did I say it was cold?  Ha Ha.


Gutzy Gear Review and Giveaway 9/13

Gutzy Gear Review and Giveaway
Back to school is upon us. It sure seemed to come quickly. And the thing I always loved about school starting was getting the new school supplies. I loved it all. The pencils, sharpeners, paper and picking out that special binder.

Well, things have changed since my school days and backpacks are now a status symbol. Everyone wants a cool one. Gutzy Gear has figured out a way to let your child have their favorite backpack and decorate it in an appropriate way. 
Gutzy Gear gives kids the tools they need to express themselves in a fun and easy way.
My grandchildren and I received Gutzy Gear products to review. They even hosted a back to school party for the children and their friends. There was enough for all the children to be able to decorate their backpacks the way they wanted. They had a blast! The instructions were easy and with help, even the younger children got to join in on the fun.
These kits include gutzy strap covers that can fit over your backpack straps, guitar straps, seat belt straps or whatever. You attach them by the Velcro on the back of them. This makes them easy to switch out when the mood suits you. The variety of patches was great and they all got to choose their favorites. My oldest grandson who is almost 16 was already looking at the website to see what other Gutzies he could order.

As you can see, the party was quite a success. The children all enjoyed it. It was even simple enough for Jackson at age 3 to participate. One of the girls mentioned that they would make her backpack more comfortable when she carried her heavy books. And the mother hosting this party said she was going to put one on her seat belt in the car.

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My Grandchildren

I arrived in Virginia on Thursday to visit my daughter and her family. She has five children and I had never met her baby boy, John. He will be one year old next Saturday and I get to celebrate with him.
He is a cutie. A plump, blonde, blue-eyed baby so happy all the time. He is a quiet baby and content with his place in the family.
I am lucky to be able to visit with another of my four daughters who is presently visiting and helping my oldest daughter. Betsy had to have some corrective surgery on her shoulder and of course, needed some help. My newly pregnant daughter, Mandy, flew out in June from Idaho with her two year old to help Betsy out.
I am becoming reacquainted with my grandchildren. I have been out of their lives for years now. It isn’t easy walking back in when you know you have a limited time to spend with them. My oldest grandson, J.J. is going to be 16 this year. Time has gone so quickly.
I have always loved my children and grandchildren dearly. I want to say I was and am a good mother but as most mothers know, we never feel as if we have done all we could for them. I want to be the grandmother that has an understanding of their feelings and pains. But I don’t. I don’t even know if I would have had if I had spent the kind of time I would have liked to have.
I have had my own demons to confront. Or in my head I did. I didn’t handle my divorces well. I didn’t handle my child with ADHD correctly. I cheated my other children by giving my attentions in the wrong place. And I feel as if I am doing it again with the grandchildren.
My children and their families are all building their own lives. I get a glimpse occasionally but don’t have any idea what goes on in their everyday lives. I can imagine, but when I look into my grandchildren’s eyes, I realize I have missed so much. TOO much.
But I have a chance to be with some of them today. I get to visit some of the others occasionally and I am thankful for that. My two sons James and David are eight hours away from where I live.  I visit my son and his family several times a year.  And my two other daughters Kari and Becca live in San Diego where I live. One granddaughter is less than a mile away.  I don’t see her enough but I can just stop by. I love my time with her.
I was hoping to meet in person my five year old grandson I haven’t had to pleasure to meet yet. He lives a few hours away from where I am and his mother can’t bring him here while I am here.
I am so lucky as I said before. I have eleven wonderful, beautiful and healthy grandchildren. I am having another one in January. I will cherish this time with the ones here and hope that the bond will strengthen between us so that they will know how much they mean to me.