Easy Canvas Prints

Photo on Canvas

I have always loved displaying photos. I have six children and twelve grandchildren so there are pictures galore to choose from. Every once in a while you get that perfect picture that you really want to highlight. There are many frames out there but you have other options. My favorite is canvas. With Easy Canvas Prints, you can turn your photo into a work of art. So I decided to try one.



I have my own Etsy shop called Journeykat Korner. I make hats and other beautiful crochet pieces. So I wanted this picture to represent my online shop and show how gorgeous my two granddaughters along with my owl hats from my site.

It was easy to do. You upload your photo, choose a size, choose the border and go from there. They make it super easy and fun. Here is the canvas with the black edge.


The prints are giclee prints printed with a laser printer using archival inks. The canvas itself is a cotton based material. Then the finished product is covered with a semi-gloss surface. The canvas is then stapled onto the frame and a hanger is added for convenience.

IMG_2550 IMG_2549

I think that it turned out amazingly. This border was my preference but you can customize your own to your specifications. So easy, so fast and such a great product.

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I received a canvas print to review. All opinions and photos are my own.



San Diego Zoo

I love the zoo. I live very close to the zoo and have a year round pass. I don’t go enough but I absolutely love to go. I was anxious to take pictures of the animals with my new camera. And I told you that I would share them. So here goes.

Introducing flamingoes

I took these pictures of the nests, eggs and babies. They were so interesting. I love my camera!!!!

PicMonkey Collage watermarked 2

So next, I will add a different animal (maybe more). See you then!!!

Update on my life

Everything in my life has changed recently. My youngest daughter got married. She is 22 years old so it is not surprising, but we have been working together for the past four years running the motel where I currently work. And to add to everything, she moved to Maryland last week.

So my next task was to get someone to run the motel with me. My boyfriend of over six years volunteered. So now we are living together and working together. The greatest thing is that we have the apartment upstairs also. I now live in the office and pay rent for it. I have resented it for years. And I never get to go home from work.

We have been fixing up and furnishing the upstairs apartment. We slept in it for the first time. But the greatest thing so far is that my granddaughter Ella got to come and visit me upstairs. She has allergies and can’t come in my regular apartment because I have five cats there. Ella and I played ball, she danced and snacked on the Edible Arrangement that I received for my birthday. It was so much fun.

IMG_0191 IMG_0190

Now I have to get to work preparing the rest of the place for a group that comes in for ten weeks in the summer. We are located at the beach so it is a really perfect spot.

I just wanted to update you all on my life at the moment. Hopefully things will continue to go well and I can be less stressed and just plain happy.

My Youngest Daughter’s Wedding

My daughter Becca got married yesterday. She is no longer my baby Becca Neal but now Mrs. Andrew Bathgate. Becca Bathgate. It will take some getting used to.

Becca Neal Life with Norma Kay

She and my daughter Kari made all the arrangements. They worked so hard and it went off amazingly well. She looked so beautiful and I am so proud.

It was a long few days. I have gotten behind on everything else and have a lot of catching up to do. But on Monday, we tried to tie up all the loose ends. It wasn’t as hard as it sounds. Becca is very good at making lists and we got almost everything done.

Tuesday was even harder. We worked on the favors that we made and we tried to get anything done that would make the wedding day easier. Rehearsal was in the afternoon with rehearsal dinner after. I love the time that I got to spend with my three daughters and three grandchildren. I will miss it when it is all over with.

And then the wedding. Amazing. The ceremony was in a small cottage. Rose Creek Cottage. It was the perfect setting for this storybook wedding.



The reception followed at the recreation center by our home. Everyone of us had decorated for it and it was beautiful.

IMG_9091Life with Norma Kay


If you know my daughter, she is entirely her own person. From her graceful and elegant wedding dress to her cowgirl boots and pirate garter. Her music was from the game Zelda which in this case was appropriate because she met her husband online while playing games. I truly believe her wedding turned out the way she wanted it to and I encouraged her to do it her way.

Life with Norma Kay Becca's Wedding

Life with Norma Kay Wedding

She and Andrew are made for each other and this will most likely be the only wedding she has. Congratulations Becca and Andrew Bathgate. May your love grow everyday and your life together be filled with happiness.



As a mother and grandmother, I am always looking for great gifts for the boys. For me, they are always harder to buy for than the girls. The opportunity to review this ball was perfect for me. I was able to get a wonderful personalized gift for my grandson’s birthday.

The Make-a-Ball website has all the tools you need to design a ball for yourself. They have footballs, soccer balls, Continue reading

Introducing my newest grandson, Dylan Benjamin James Davis

grandson grandson

I am so happy to introduce my newest grandson. This is my twelfth grandchild and I am as proud of the first one as I am the last one. I am one lucky Nonie. I never thought that my life would be so full of love and wonderment. I love them all.

I am currently in Idaho hopefully helping my daughter with her three year old Hailey. She is so much fun and so full of life. I definitely feel my age when I am around her. I live in San Diego and believe it or not, it is really cold here!!! LOL. Anyway, it is taking me some adjusting. I am hoping that these two weeks will be as memorable for my granddaughter and daughter as it is for me. I just want to give my daughter the time she needs to bond with Dylan. And to rest whenever possible.

I am happy to be able to spend time with my grandchildren and be able to see my grandson while he is so young. They change so fast. He won’t look the same at all when they come to San Diego for my daughter Becca’s wedding in March.

So my next few posts will be from here. Middleton, Idaho. Did I say it was cold?  Ha Ha.