2012 Dog Fence DIY Halloween Dog Costume Photo Contest

2012 Dog Fence DIY Halloween Dog Costume Photo Contest

Life with Norma Kay is hosting a
Dog  Photo Costume Contest

Halloween is right around the corner and we are all seeing ads for costumes. Most of us have purchased them at one time or another. Have you ever purchased one for you pet? If you have, now is the time to show it off.


Dress up your dog in their cutest or scariest costumes and enter for your chance to win a $25 Target Gift Card. One of you will be chosen randomly to win the gift card and then all entries will be moved to the Grand Prize event and entered to win a $500 Target Card!!! Photos will be added to a gallery and voted on.Voting will run to November 12th.

ContestA panel of judges will select the winner. That winner and their prize winning entry will be announced on here November 2nd for all to see.

You have until November 1st to send me a picture. The picture must be yours. It can be of any year. Bloggers, post it to your blog and then come and comment, leaving me your name and a link to your post.

Everyone else, just email me at and send me your best picture to enter the contest. Please put Halloween Dog Photo Contest in the subject field. You can enter more than one Pitch List contest but can only win one $25 Target gift card.

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Life with Norma Kay is one of many host blogs in the Dog Fence DIY 2012 Halloween Dog Photo Contest. I received a $25 Target card as a hostess gift for participation.
The winner of the contest as chosen by a child is Winnie posted by Mandy. She liked Scooby Doo and the pumpkin.

View contest pictures here:

 1. Winnie submitted by Mandy Neal
2. J.R. and Baby Pom submitted by Cinny

3. Olivia submitted by Abby.

4. Rambo submitted by Courtney.

                                                            5. Kibo submitted by Kate.

6. Minnie submitted by Becca.

7.  Cocoa submitted by Mary.

Kids and Pets

Kids ‘n’ Pets

I received a large bottle of Kids ‘n’ Pets Stain and Odor Eliminator to review. This stuff is awesome! I have five cats, a Doberman puppy and a Chihuahua. That is a lot. And everyday I feel as if I am running a farm.
I get up in the morning and I immediately start putting my home back in order. As we all know,
pets are still active at night after you go to bed. As a matter of fact, I think that is their best time.

As I get out of bed, I am prepared to avoid stepping in spots of urine on the floor. You see, our Doberman puppy is five months old. And she tries very hard to hold it in. Most of the time she succeeds. But occasionally she can’t hold it. So we have puddles on the floor.
A long time ago I made the choice to get rid of all the carpet in my house. It was pets OR carpets. So we have tile all through the place. And when there are occasional accidents, I want it clean and odor free. So I pull out the Kids n Pets. I sop up the mess and then wipe it clean with the cleaner. And believe it or not, it doesn’t smell like a farm in my apartment.
We also had an accident on the bed. I applied the Kids ‘n’ Pets directly to the wet spot on my mattress. I then laid an absorbent towel on the spot to sop it up and left it to dry. There was no odor. Of course, we hate when these kind of things happen but we have to deal with them. I reached for this product without hesitation and applied it liberally. Nothing else that I know of would have worked.
That is not all you can do with this wonderful product. I had found a hoodie someone left behind. It smelled awful. I washed it twice and still smelled the stale smell of body odor. Then I added some of the Kids n Pets to my wash. The nasty odor was gone. I love that hoodie now.
My pets are so important to me and I love them very much. But having a healthy odor free environment makes everyone happier. Kids n Pets helps us keep it that way.

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I received a bottle of Kids and Pets Stain and Odor Remover to review. All opinions in this review are my own.

J W Pets

J. W. Pets Dog Treat Toys
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I received three awesome dog treat toys from J. W. Pets. I removed them from the box to take pictures and both of my dogs had to get on the couch to see what I had. It was if they knew that these were for them.
Lady chose the treat pod toy first. She grabbed it from the couch and ran to her bed to chew on it. While it was still in the package. I couldn’t help but laugh.
I got the toy away from her and opened it. Then the struggle for ownership came into play. Both Lady and Minnie wanted it. And I hadn’t even added any treats.
  This treat pod is the favorite of both dogs.
Lady couldn’t even wait for me to take it off the cardboard.
Izzy played with it on top of Minnie. Strange dog.
Lady didn’t catch on to the treat ball as easily as the treat pods.
This lead to both fighting over the same toy.
Minnie held her own with our large dog, Lady.
The dogs loved the toys, especially the treat pod. It was very well constructed and held up to the abuse given by the two dogs. I love that the dogs had to figure out how to get to the food and that the plastic was strong enough to withstand Lady while she is cutting her teeth. Believe me, she chewed on the rubber a lot and I don’t even see any teeth marks or tears. These toys will last and last. I was just hoping to make it past the teething stage. We will definitely be getting more of the durable toys for my puppy.
Next will come the toys for my five cats. Yes, they have cat toys too.

Breakfast with Lady Izzy

I am going to be exploring San Diego for dog friendly places and post about them. I will start with yesterday when we once again went to Shades in Ocean Beach. This will not be my last post for them because we love the place, the food, the view and the pet friendly atmosphere. The first thing they do is bring your dog her own bowl of fresh water that was very welcome on this super hot day.


This is the view from the patio where we can sit with Lady.
This is Lady Izzy. She is amazing and well behaved in public.
Our food was so good. We have eaten here a couple of times but look at the pictures and see what we ordered. It tasted as good as it looks.

Next time we will get Lady her own food from the menu. They serve it with a place mat and everything. One of the other “guest” was there eating her own breakfast that she enjoyed very much.

We love Shades and will visit there often. I will continue to blog about dog-friendly places and share with you all.