Photo Ready Giveaway Event

Welcome to the Photo Ready Giveaway Event

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Life with Norma Kay is happy to announce this great event.

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Now let’s talk about the fabulous prize package which includes:

Canon EOS REBEL T4i 18.0 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 3-inch Touchscreen and Full HD Movie Mode (Body) – Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II SLR Zoom Lens – Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS Telephoto Zoom Lens – Telephoto & Wide Angle Lens Set – 3 pc Filter Kit: UV/ Polarizing filter/Fluorescent correction & Case – 32 Gigabyte SDHC Secure Digital Memory Card – Secure Digital USB Card Reader – Universal Memory Card Wallet – Pack of LCD Screen Protectors – Additional LP-E8 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Replacement Battery Pack – Well Protective SLR Camera Gadget Bag w/Pockets & Strap – Full Size 59″ Tripod W/Case – Focus DVD Guide to Digital SLR Cameras – Focus Digital Grey Card Set for color correction – Focus 5pc Deluxe Lens Care & Cleaning Kit – HDMI cable

Special thank you to our lovely co-hosts {make sure to stop by and say hello}: Thinking Outside The Sandbox, Tiny Tidbits of an NC Diva, What’s Up Reviews and Giveaways, 3 Boys and a Dog, Panlasang Pinoy Filipino Recipes, Mom to Bed by 8, Baby Costcutters and Powered By Mom.

One lucky winner will receive the Canon EOS REBEL T4i Prize Package {detailed above}!

Giveaway ends May 14th at 11:59pm, open worldwide residents, ages 18+. Residents outside of the US will receive a $750 Amazon GC instead. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below.

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Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. Life with Norma Kay is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment. Please contact with questions or to see your business or blog featured on the next big event!

Onion Crunch Review and Giveaway

Onion Crunch Review and Giveaway


onion crunch

Loeb’s Onion Crunch is a natural product.  Made from onions, floured and fried in palm oil, it has just the right amount of salt to enhance the flavor.  They just peel, wash, cut and batter the real onion. These onions are so crispy that I immediately started eating them right out of the jar. These days, I am looking at labels for ingredients that I recognize and like.

A lot of retailers today have set standards that Onion Crunch was happy to meet. This product is vegan. It is also kosher. Onion Crunch contains no trans fats or cholesterol. With low sodium, it is the perfect onion to add to your already fabulous recipes.

I really love these crisp, lightly salted pieces and snacked on them right out of the jar. I also eat some frozen dinners because I live alone and I added these to the veggies in the plate. It brightened up the meal with flavor and crunch. My daughter had to have my extra bottle for herself.

Now I bet you are saying, where can I get some of these?  You can go directly to their website to order. But even better, visit your local grocery store. Look for this cute, smiling face on the front of the bottle.




I have even more good news. You can enter the giveaway below to win your own, sent directly to your home. How easy is that? They are giving away a bottle of these delicious onions along with some “swag”. Including the doll in the picture above. Go ahead and enter. You won’t be sorry.

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I received some product to review but all opinions and photos are my own.

Damsel in Defense Review and Giveaway

Damsel in Defense Review and Giveaway


I have been working with a lovely woman who is an independent representative for Damsel in Distress. Her name is Rosi Ray. She is awesome! She has given me so much information about this amazing company that was started just over a year and a half ago. Rosi is promoting this company from her own website.

Damsel in Defense takes the fear out of us “damsels in distress”. It arms us with defensive aids to protect ourselves. Most of the women I know are very strong women but it only takes one time for us to need to protect ourselves and we can’t. Damsel in Defense gives us the tools that are compact, effective and easy to use. Who wouldn’t feel more confident knowing that we are prepared for the worse now instead of later.


Statistics on occurence


Statistics on Assault





Statistics on age groups of assault



Statistics on Assault Reporting

The statistics are alarming. That is why I looked into self-defense for myself. Just to give you an idea of what they have available I will tell you about the awesome items I got to try out.

Launching in 2011, Damsel in Defense is offering products that are not only functional but fashion conscious too. They offer a compact taser that I love. It is a stun gun called the Pack A Punch. This is their most powerful stun gun. It comes in black and pink. With 7.5 million volts, it is an item to be reckoned with. It is defense that can be carried by anyone. It contains an LED flashlight and rechargeable battery. Remember, if someone is a threat that close to you, use the taser on skin to slow down the attacker. Stun guns use high voltage and low amperage to temporarily disable your attacker for several minutes. The stun gun does not rely on pain for results but gives you time to get away. The wrist strap that disables when they attacker grabs it, makes it a great item for women.



Pepper spray is what most of us think about to defend ourselves. Damsel in Defense offers the Pouch of Pepper which is a 1/2 Ounce, 18% key chain pepper spray in a leatherette holster. And for an added great feature, it contains UV dye so an attacker can be identified under a black light. They think of everything.


Last but not least, the Sock It To Me Kubotan is an item that can be carried anywhere. The kubotan is legal and entirely unregulated. It is designed to be used against bony surfaces, soft tissue and nerve points. The reason it works is that there are nerves all over and you just use it like a knife. It is easy to hold and has ridges to keep your grip. It is effective in causing extreme pain or temporary paralysis.


These are just a few of the many items they offer for defense. You have to check it out here.  Ladies, lets stand up for ourselves and be prepared. This website offers the items to arm us.

Check out this other review by fellow blogger, Amber Trievel.  And Betsy Neal Lewis has a great review you should check out. Gives you even more information.

Enter the rafflecopter below to win a hot lips stun gun, pepper spray and a kubotan of your own. Good Luck!!!

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And if you are interested in getting in on the ground floor of this business, check out how to become a Damsel Pro. Rosi Ray will take you through the steps to set up your own business. Or have an online party to earn your kit or products to use for yourself. You won’t be sorry.

Rosi Ray

Independent Damsel Pro

Pearl Director

Damsel In Defense

I received products to review. All opinions are my own. Life with Norma Kay, Thrifty Moms Reviews and More, and Sailorwife and Mom of 5 are not responsible for shipping of the winning product. That will come directly from the distributor.

Ola! Granola Review and Giveaway

Ola! Handbaked Granola

Review and Giveaway

OLA! granola,

I have to admit I have never cared for granola. They almost always say natural but they taste like sugar and preservatives to me. Not so with this awesome product. Ola! Handbaked Granola is so good.

I was skeptical but Ola! Handbaked Granola is exactly what it says it is, 100% natural. The taste is perfect. I can taste all the ingredients without having to taste a lot of sugar. This has the right amount of sweetness without being overpowering.

Ola! Granola, Life with Norma Kay

I tried it on my vanilla yogurt. It was amazing. I had to keep adding more because I loved it so much. The quality shines through. Nothing artificial, less sodium, fat, sugar and calories than other granola. I know that is why it is so good!

It comes in vanilla almond, no nut vanilla and cranberry orange pecan. It has whole pieces of the nuts and you can see the cranberries.Ola! granola, Life with Norma Kay

You can purchase these in supermarkets or order them online. Here is a code for free shipping  LN2013.  But be sure and enter my giveaway. Winner gets three 9oz. packages just like the ones in the picture.

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I received product to try and review. All opinions and photos are my own.

Oransi Fridge Air Purifier Review and Giveaway

Oransi Fridge Air Purifier

Review and Giveaway


Oransi Fridge Air Purifier, Life with Norma Kay IMG_9382 IMG_9380

I am a homemaker who always used an opened box of baking soda in my fridge and thought that was enough. I know that when I used this in my small apartment sized fridge, I was constantly spilling it, making more work for me. But now I have a small, compact purifier that is so silent that I have to look for the light on the front to know that it is working.

I was very skeptical when I put this into the fridge. Since my refrigerator is so small, any odor comes wafting towards me when the door is open. So to my amazement, I can actually tell the difference with the Oransi Fridge Air Purifier. I am not tasting the odors of the foods in other foods like I used to. It was so easy to use that I am sorry I waited so long to try one.

The Oransi Fridge Air Purifier is a lightweight freshener weighing only 0.2 lbs. It is only 4” x 2.8” x 2.5” in size. It is very easy to use and economical because there are no replacement filters and nothing to clean.  This air purifier uses 2 AA batteries that require replacement approximately every 45-90 days.  It also had a built-in micro processor that controls the operation of the air purifier so it will cycle on and off to save battery life.  And the neutral color and cool contemporary design fits right into my refrigerator without being a focal point.

This air purifier features their patented Piezo-electric technology your refrigerator is cleaned silently without the harmful side effects of ozone that is found in standard ionizers.

If you are tired of the odors affecting your foods that you store in your refrigerator, then you would definitely want to check this out. Visit Orsani today and order yours. And enter the giveaway below. These make great gifts too.



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I received an Oransi Fridge Air Purifier to review. All opinions and pictures are my own. review and giveaway

Bows-n-Ties Review and Giveaway


I am pleased to be able to review another beautiful tie from These are quality ties and are very easy to order. They carry ties for the average man along with extra long ties and kids ties. The variety of colors would suit any occasion and the different designers give you the choice you would want.

I received a tie in the yellow color range. Each color bring out certain feelings, thoughts and emotions in people. Yellow is a fresh and friendly color and evokes happiness in people. Shades of golden-yellow are sometimes perceived as good luck. Lighter colors of yellow look best on men with a darker complexion. While light yellow ties along with a non-white dress shirt look best on fair-skinned men.

IMG_9330  IMG_9332 IMG_9327 offers information on ties along with help on tying them. Below you will see their tutorial on tying a necktie. Be sure and check them out for their helpful information.

How to tie the four-in-hand knot

Flip  up your collar, button down the top button, and lay the necktie  around your neck

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Maggie Bag Giveaway

Maggie Bags Giveaway

Life with Norma Kay is proud to promote this wonderful giveaway from Maggie Bags.

Maggie Bags are not only stylish. They are innovative, environmentally friendly and creative too. Maggie Bags began in 2009 out of a desire to find uses for materials made for other purposes. Every handbag Maggie Bags has to offer

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