Amzshark Cellphone Holder Stand

Love my hands free holder!

Amzshark has come up with a great idea. It is a handsfree cellphone holder stand. Clipping it onto your table and adjusting the coiled cable to just the right position makes it so easy to do what you need to with your cellphone and continue to use your hands for something else.



I personally love doing reviews. Occasionally I need to make a video while actually using a product. I have never had luck with trying this by myself. With this stand it has never been easier. I adjust the coiled cable and place it where it can record and do it by myself.

Not only do you get this cellphone stand with the clip, but you get a great little stand for your desk or table. It has a kickstand that adjusts at so many different levels that you can get your phone to that perfect point for you.

IMG_6202IMG_6199 (2)

I love gadgets of all kinds. These are right up my alley. They are some that I would actually use and I recommend them to anyone who loves to watch videos and other things on their phones. No more tired arms. They are affordable, durable and pleasing to the eye. The only holder you will ever need. Check them out at Amazon.


I received this product at a reduced price in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions in this post are my own along with the photos.

Liquid Savvy 18 Ounce Insulated Bottle

Liquid Savvy Insulated Bottle


As one of those persons who hate to taste the plastic on a water bottle not to mention the disposal problem, this insulated bottle was made for me. I love it. This one is 18 oz. stainless steel with three different caps to suit whatever you want to carry and how you do it.

IMG_6311 IMG_6316 IMG_6318 IMG_6340 IMG_6345 IMG_6349 IMG_6350

Liquid Savvy’s insulated bottle is double-walled and has a wide mouth on it so you can use it everyday. You can take soup to work, cold water for a walk or bike ride or use up leftovers from last night. This is the perfect bottle for you. My favorite part is the three different lids. I love hooking things on my purse or backpack because my hands are always full. I have a choice with these lids. Most bottles give you one. That’s why their motto is Smarter Beveraging. Liquid Savvy has a 100% warranty. No hassles. But your won’t want to return this. It is smart in looks and functionality.

Find this on Amazon.


I received this product for a reduced price to post my honest review. All opinions are my own and the photos were taken by me.

Angel Baby Car Seat Travel Bag


Angel Baby Car Seat Travel Bag

The Angel Baby car seat travel bag just may be the answer to a traveling family. States require you to use car seats and you still need one when you get to your destination. This works!

This travel bag is very durable. It is made of polyester fabric that won’t tear with the seat inside. The handle makes it easy to manage.


It has a drawstring top to close it and opens wide enough that it isn’t a hassle to insert the seat.


Airports aren’t the cleanest when in comes to transporting luggage but this is the perfect protection for the costly car seats. The personal information window is right in front so that you can be assured to get the seat returned to you.


Angel Baby takes pride in their products and it shows in the construction. You would be happy with the durability and convenience. It also folds back up into its own pouch. Easy to store. This is my video of how to use this.

Check this out on Amazon. #angelbaby

I received this item at a reduced price to review it. All media and opinions in this post are my own.

Aurorae Yoga Towel Review and Giveaway


image     Aurorae Yoga Towel Giveaway


Aurorae is a company that I truly love. Their products meet and exceed my expectations. The quality of all their products is amazing and the customer service and speed of shipping all add to the online shopping experience. I am happy to review this yoga towel and offer my readers a chance to win one of their own.




image Visit the Amazon page here.

These towels are high quality and very absorbent. Everyone knows how slippery it can get when you work out on a mat. This towel is the perfect size to lay on the mat or carpet for a soft and comfortable experience.  This 74 inch by 24 inch towel is perfect to roll up and take wherever you go. Stick it in their comfortable and convenient sling bag and take off for a workout at the gym or for a run. Aurorae has almost everything else you need to create a happy experience while you meditate including a soy based candle that smells like lavender. You should check out their website and see all the products to choose from. I have reviewed the sling bag, the Pledge candle and now the yoga towel. I love them all.


 Aurorae Yoga Towel, Pledge Candle and Sling Bag





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I received a towel for review but all photos and opinions are my own. I only endorse companies that I believe in.

VACCeptable Injuries!







Welcome to the 

“VACCeptable Injuries”  

Reader Review Event!

Offering you a chance to Read, Review and Enter!

Life with Norma Kay along with several other fabulous bloggers are happy to bring this event to our readers. An event like no other, we hope to open a dialog on this important topic-Vaccine Related Injuries. And who couldn’t use an Amazon gift card. This is a great giveaway.

Author Markus Heinze is so passionate about telling his story that he is sponsoring this event to share his book with everyone. Unlike some events we are offering every person who enters the chance to download “VACCeptable Injuries” for free. Along with a free book, we are offering two great Amazon prizes.

Meet the Author

The reasons for having written VACCeptable Injuries. 

 Medical interventions are difficult decisions, especially when parents have to make these decisions for their little children. Having to choose whether or not to intervene medically is simple if your child is ill and the medical intervention has proven to make your child feel better. If your child is healthy, however, the decision to medically intervene becomes more difficult, especially when the information on the effectiveness of the medical intervention is conflicting and inconclusive. Vaccinating your child (giving shots) is one of those medical interventions. Unfortunately most parents don’t even realize that they are making a decision, as they follow blindly the recommendation of their pediatrician. Only parents whose children have been harmed by a vaccine, tend to research the topic of vaccine safety and effectiveness. I am one of those parents. My teachers always told me that there was nothing worse than following blindly, as there are great dangers involved in riding any bandwagon. Once we parents take our seats on the bandwagon, we are no longer leading our families – we are simply fellow passengers along with our children. We are no longer the ones making decisions for our children – we have ceded this important decisions to whomever is riding this particular bandwagon. VACCeptable Injuries will put you back into the drivers seat. Whether or not you decide to vaccinate, this book will help you make an informed choice, rather than a bandwagon decision.


Now you have the opportunity to download VACCeptable Injuries and read Markus Heinze’s findings.

VACCeptable Injuries will be available for free download on the following days:

Wednesday, May 8 (12:01 am PST to 11:59 pm PST)

Saturday, May 18 (12:01 am PST to 11:59 pm PST)



Download your free copy of VACCeptable Injuries Here.

Review and $100 Amazon Entry

Once you’re read VACCeptable Injuries, please visit Amazon or Goodreads and write a review giving your honest opinions and thoughts. Make sure to include this disclosure statement: “I was given this book for free for the purpose of review, all views and opinions are my own honest evaluations.” 

 Please only write a review if you’ve actually read the book, and follow the disclosure laws.

 If you’ve read the book, and shared a review on Amazon or Goodreads

Be sure to follow Markus Heinze on facebook for the latest vaccine related news and updates.


As a thank you for your time, please enter for a chance to win the $25 Amazon Gift Code. No purchase necessary, open to readers World Wide, 18 years and older.

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