Buy Costumes Review and Giveaway

Buy Costumes Review and Giveaway
I was chosen to receive and review a costume. Of course, I had to get one for myself. I have been dressing up for Halloween for a couple of years now and I love it. I sing karaoke at a local bar and it adds to the atmosphere. Crazy for someone who doesn’t drink but I love the camaraderie.

I have a fascination with Tinkerbell and fairies. But the dragonfly wings in this costume caught my eye.  I liked that they have all sizes and I ordered one in a plus size.  I know, I never heard of a plus size 60 year old dragonfly before but now…here I am! Life is too short not to have fun.

The costume arrived in a large box. It felt like my birthday!!! I could hardly contain myself. I tore it open and pulled it out. First thing I noticed was the good quality of the product. I have six children and believe me, over the years I have seen cheaply made costumes.

The colors in the costume and the wings were rich and vibrant. They matched the picture on the front.  I liked that. I  looked at the stitching and it looked like something I might have sewn at one time.  I was still a bit apprehensive about trying it on and taking a picture of myself in it. But that is an important part of the review.

The only problem I had was with the wings. The elastic broke and smacked me in the face. I wasn’t too happy then and I was getting ready to take the pictures. I fastened the wings on with paperclips to hold them in place for the pictures. I think the elastic is too small for the plus size and the wing proportions don’t work for the larger sizes.

I really like the dress and it fit nicely. Sometimes it is hard to get clothes to fit a full figured woman.  I hope you will visit the site. You will definitely be able to find something you like.  

I would recommend this company to anyone. I would suggest buying your Halloween costume early to make sure you get the costume you want. Halloween will be here before you know it. Be sure and check out their webpage.

Enter the contest below for a chance to win a costume of your choosing. The hard part is picking one out. They are all really nice.

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I hope you will visit these other sites to see some of the other awesome costumes available.

I received a costume of my choice to review. The opinions in my review are entirely my own and I recommend this product.

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