Beanfield Snacks

Beanfield Snacks
Beanfield Snacks are wholesome and nutritious snacks made with beans and blended with long grain rice to create delicious snacks that are loaded with double the fiber and protein of most corn torilla chips or potato chips. They are gluten-free, cholesterol-free, trans fat-free and preservative-free.
I received the chips shown to review. I had only eaten regular corn and potato chips so the taste was unique. I could taste the bean flavor in the first bite. I shared these snacks with my family. My daughter Becca liked the taste of the Nacho ones. Her fiance liked the Sea Salt and Pepper Chips. We also tried the others which included unsalted, with sea salt and pico de gallo. The crunch was great. They didn’t taste oily and were full of flavor. I love that they are better for you than regular chips because sometimes, you just have to have a chip. And these are crunchylicious!!!
My daughter Kari tried the snacks and this is what she had to say about it.
“I was glad to get a chance to try the new Beanfields chips. They are a unique combination of beans and rice, which make up a complete protein. Beans and rice, when eaten together, contain all the essential amino acids. As a vegetarian, I try to incorporate complete proteins into all my meals, and these are an easy choice. They pair well with a sandwich and a variety of dips.
The taste is very similar to other chips I have tried, such as the “black bean and quinoa” corn chips from Trader Joe’s. They have a different taste than regular corn chips- but I like them. The unsalted and sea salt are very plain and remind me more of pita chips, so they work best with a hummus or similar dip. The flavored kinds, like pico de gallo, are delicious on their own. I am happy to have found such a healthy alternative to regular chips.They are also great option for people with gluten and corn allergies.”

Once you try them, you will want them. Keep healthy and have fun.

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I received these chips to review. The opinions in this review are my own.

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