Almost Paradise

I have the unexpected privilege to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. After my divorce, this is where I ended up. Not only is it beautiful but the powers-to-be managed to enhance that beauty with attractions drawing people from all over the world. And this is my backyard!

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I have purchased passes to the San Diego Zoo and to Sea World San Diego. Living this close to these attractions I find that with my busy schedule, this suits my needs and availability.

With my new Nikon camera and iPhone 5, taking pictures everywhere is my passion. I have published a few pictures of the animals at the zoo and I really hope you will enjoy this selection.

Let me introduce you to my playground.

I will start with the beauty of the beach and bay. It is literally a block in both directions to view this magnificent area. Managing a motel and living in it is a daunting task. The peace and beauty are a short walk away. I leave all my anger, pain, aggravation and business behind. I head out to the grassy area at the bay where we walk our dogs Izzy and Minnie daily. The weather here is usually mild but we do get the coastal eddy frequently. This leaves the sky with the overcast clouds and the look of rain. But this burns off quickly so we can enjoy the wonder. Look at the lovely blue skies with me. I never get tired of this sight.

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A quick visit to the famous San Diego Zoo is next on my list. Renowned for its Panda breeding program, thousands of people line up to see these magnificent teddy bear like animals. They look so cuddly that everyone oohs and aahs over them. Feeding time is a special time at the zoo. The pandas eat eucalyptus branches and they are grown all over the park. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! And elephants, giraffes, and meerkats.

PicMonkey Collage

And across the bay we can see Sea World San Diego. In the summer, the fireworks glow over the bay and the park is so much fun.

PicMonkey Collage 2

This is a preview of the beautiful “almost paradise” that I love. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.


17 thoughts on “Almost Paradise

  1. I live in the polar opposite of the country – Maine. Four seasons, thick forests, hot summer days and frigid winter nights. California looks cool, but New England is home for me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Name: Peggy
    Comment: What a great opportunity to see the area. I love your pictures. They
    are so nice. The animals are great.

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  3. Name: Ana @MommysBundle
    Comment: Wow certainly does look like you live in paradise! What beautiful
    photos — i’ve never been to San Diego but my husband tells me it is perfect and
    has to be on the “must-visit” list!

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  4. Name: Chinky
    Comment: I love your playground! I love the beach, the zoo, beautiful sunsets!
    You’re very lucky to be living in your “almost paradise!” All the best for you!

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  5. Name: Sandra
    Comment: I love the beach and ocean. You live where it is easy to see the
    beautiful creation of God. Enjoy it and try to see something new everyday!

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  6. Name: Michelle
    Comment: I live in San Diego too!! We love our zoo passes and I also have Birch
    Aquarium and Ruben H Fleet. This really is a great place to live and I couldn’t
    imagine living any where else either!

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  7. Name: eschelle
    Comment: i love how all cities claim to be the most beautiful, can we all agree
    that to us all places are beautiful lol?? here in BC we even call it Beautiful
    British Columbia on our plates lol!

    San Diego does look lovely, rather see the killer whales in the wild off our
    coast than an aquarium though! you have no idea how amazing seeing a pod of
    them in the water beneath your boat really feels like.

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  8. Name: Ashley Pomykala
    Comment: I love looking at pictures like these. I could never live there due to
    my disability causing problems when I am in the heat, but I know it would be
    amazing to live that close to places like that. Michigan doesn’t have anything
    exciting like that in it.

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  9. Name: Rachel
    Comment: Beautiful place. I think it is so important to get out and enjoy your
    town and picture taking is a definite.

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  10. Name: Scarlett
    Comment: Thank you for the lovely walkaround through San Diego. Very relaxing! I
    would have loved to see a panda pic! Visiting San Diego and the zoo is on my
    bucket list.

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  11. Name: Being omma
    Comment: You do indeed live in a place full of beauty. There is something so
    peaceful about the beach. Thank you for sharing

  12. Name: Britney @ The Princess & Her Cowboys
    Comment: This is totally awesome! I am a fan of where I live but I love to
    vacation and would love to check out where you live. The San Diego Zoo is on my
    bucket list. Have a good one!

  13. Looks like a beautiful place. Living in Tucson, San Diego is within a days drive. So, it’s on our list of places to visit!

    Great photography. I purchased a Nikon in the last year and have really enjoyed it!

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